Centre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS)





Prof. K. S. Krishna


Tel: +91-40-23135301
E-Mail: krishna@uohyd.ac.in

About the Centre

The Centre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS), (formerly University Centre for Earth and Space Sciences, UCESS) at University of Hyderabad was established in 2004 to initiate multi-disciplinary teaching and research programs in the areas of Solid Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences and processes that connect all three components. It is an emerging interdisciplinary centre that aims to impart quality Earth System Science education and research to the young minds.

The Vision and Mission of the Centre are:


To become a global centre of excellence in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences through innovative teaching and research to produce highly skilled manpower capable of addressing relevant scientific and societal challenges.

  • To provide a holistic understanding of planet Earth’s dynamic processes, and linkages among the geosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the biosphere through high quality teaching so as to enable the students to become leaders in academic and research institutions, and professional organizations.
  • To conduct innovative research in Earth Sciences, and promote national and international collaborations.
  • To build world class infrastructure for teaching and edge-cutting research in Earth Sciences.