K. S. Krishna, Professor and Head

K. S. Krishna,  Ph.D.
Professor and Head

Email: krishna@uohyd.ac.in
Contact No: +91-40-23135301

Teaching Area: Lithospheric dynamics, Tectonics, Plate Tectonics, Marine Geophysics



Mudlappa Jayananda

Mudlappa Jayananda, Ph.D.
Email: mjayan.geol@gmail.com
Contact No: +91-40-23135332

Teaching Area:Geochronology, Radiogenic isotopes, Tectonics, Continental growth

Karumuri Ashok, Professor

Karumuri Ashok, Ph.D.
Email: ashokkarumuri@uohyd.ac.in
Contact No: +91-40-23135325

Teaching Area: Climate variability and prediction, Climate change, Monsoon, ENSO

Vishnubhotla Chakravarthi, Professor

Vishnubhotla Chakravarthi, Ph.D.
Email: vces@uohyd.ernet.in
Contact No: +91-40-23135331

Teaching Area: Exploration Geophysics, Mathematical modeling and Inversion

Sri Lakshmi Sunkara, Assistant Professor

Sri Lakshmi Sunkara, Ph.D.
Email: srilakshmi@uohyd.ac.in
Contact No: +91-40-23135307

Teaching Area:  Nonlinear Time series analysis, Seismics, Rock Physics modeling


Aliba Ao, Assistant Professor

Aliba Ao, Ph.D.
Email: alibaao@uohyd.ac.in
Contact No: +91-40-23135300

Teaching Area: Metamorphic Petrology, Geochemistry


Vijay Kanawade, UGC-Assistant Professor

Vijay Kanawade, Ph.D.
Email: vijaykanawade@uohyd.ac.in
Contact No: +91-40-23135331

Teaching Area: Aerosol and Cloud Physics, Air Quality, Climate Change



Devleena Tiwari, UGC-Assistant Professor

Devleena Tiwari, Ph.D.
Email: dtiwarisp@uohyd.ac.in
Contact No: +91-40-23135330

Teaching Area: Organic & Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Paleo- environments & Climate, Resource Exploration



Ismaiel Mohammad, DST INSPIRE Faculty

Ismaiel Mohammad, Ph.D.
Email: ismaiel@uohyd.ac.in
Contact No: +91-40-23135330

Teaching Area: Marine Geophysics, Continental Rifted Margin, Plate Tectonics




Ritima Das, Ramanujan Fellow

Ritima Das, Ph.D.
Email: ritima@uohyd.ac.in
Contact No: +91-40-23135330

Teaching Area: Seismology, Tectonics, Geophysical Inversion




A. C. Narayana, Honorary Professor

A. C. Narayana, Ph.D.
Email: acnes@uohyd.ac.in
Contact No: +91-40-23135327

Teaching Area: Coastal Processes and Dynamics, Paleoclimate, Marine Geology, Environmental Geoscience, Sedimentology

Besides the regular faculty at the Centre, visiting faculties from reputed institutes/universities are contributing to teaching programs of the Centre.