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Centre for Modelling Simulation and Design (CMSD)





H. A. Nagarajaram

Professor In-Charge

Tel: +9140-23138000
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About the Centre

In this era of science-driven-engineering, the role of scientific research, based on modeling, simulation and design, is of paramount importance. Countries and Institutions across the world are gearing up to avail the challenging opportunities provided by this new tool. The primary requisite in using the third avenue of research for solving complex problems is a working, state-of-the-art High Performance Computing (HPC) center.

With the substantial funding and approval of the UGC, the University of Hyderabad has established a Centre for Modelling Simulation and Design (CMSD) which was fuelled further by generous support from DST under its FIST programme.

CMSD became operational from its new premises during December 2004. CMSD has been accorded an Academic Stastus by the University and Department of Science & Technology recognized CMSD as National High Performance Computing Facility.

Currently, CMSD is a 2 Tflops computing facility and is expected to grow to a 7 Tflops, by positioning a 500 node cluster, by the end of this year.