Centre for English Language Studies (CELS)

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P. Sailaja


Phone: (040) 23133925
E-Mail: sailajap@uohyd.ac.in


About the Centre

The Centre for English Language Studies (CELS) was established in 2011 in the School of Humanities to fulfil a range of objectives that include teaching English to students and researchers in the many departments and centres of study in the University, offering full-fledged degree programmes, engaging in research related to language curricula, and studying the nature and structure of language and its relationship to education, culture and society. It is the only Centre in India focusing on language education, English Linguistics and other areas of the English language studied from various perspectives.

The Centre offers MA and PhD programmes and, until recently, offered the MPhil programme as well. The areas of study in the PhD programme are diverse and include teacher training, materials development, testing and assessment, skills development, historiography of English in India, language acquisition, sociolinguistics, language and social media, inclusive education, corpus-based studies, and the psychology of language learning. There are nearly thirty research scholars in the Centre.

The MA programme consists of a variety of courses in linguistics, applied linguistics, ELT, research methodology, along with skills-oriented courses.

The Centre also handles English proficiency courses for the students of the Integrated Masters programmes of the University.



MA (English Language Studies)


M Phil (English Language Studies)


PhD (English Language Studies)