Advanced Centre of Research in High Energy Materials (ACRHEM)





V. Kameswara Rao


Tel: +9140-23138700 / 23012800 / 23012801 
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About the Centre

ACRHEM is a DRDO supported Advanced Centre of Research in High Energy Materials, at the University of Hyderabad. This is the first Centre of its kind by DRDO in an Academic Institution. The objective of the Centre is to advance by study and research the sciences pertinent to High Energy Materials.

ACRHEM conducts Ph. D Programmes in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences.

Research activity in High Energy Materials (HEM) include: Synthetic Chemistry; Computational modeling of Chemical kinetics of HEM; modeling of the physics of release of energy by HEM; modeling of mathematical and statistical processes of a mixture of HEMs; Material Sciences of HEM; and development of instruments and technology to observe, measure, by ultra-fast measurement techniques the processes involved in the HEM applications and synthesis. The tools include using short pulse lasers and fast detection systems, and strategies. Activities also include Polymer Sciences involving HEMs and research in the phenomenon of sonoluminescence.

Status of DRDO Industry Academia – Centre of Excellence (DIA-CoE UoH)