MA (Comparative Literature)

The M.A. in Comparative Literature is a four-semester programme and each semester carries 18 credits. There is continuous evaluation followed by semester-end examinations. The third / fourth semesters allow a choice of elective/optional courses and prepare the student for writing a research-oriented dissertation in the fourth semester. While the programme traces the history of the discipline and the development of methodologies, it also emphasizes Translation Studies and Cultural Studies as tools to engage with literatures and cultures.

M Phil (Comparative Literature)

The M.Phil. in Comparative Literature is a two-semester programme, including course-work and dissertation. The first semester course-work, of compulsory/elective/optional courses for 16 credits, has continuous evaluation and a semester-end examination on the courses studied. By the end of the second semester, the student is required to submit a dissertation, written under faculty guidance on an approved topic, as per the rules and regulations of the Centre/University.

Ph.D (Comparative Literature)

The Ph.D. in Comparative Literature extends over a minimum period of two years. The nature of the programme is decided by the student in consultation with faculty, but the requirements invariably include course-work comprising 16 credits over a minimum of 2 semesters or a maximum of 4 semesters and a thesis on an approved topic under faculty supervision.