Current Students:

Name of the Student
Enrollment No.
Research Area/Topic
1 Geeshma Justin John Ph.D. 15SRPH01 Environment Dr. Arvind S. Susarla
2 Seena. P Ph.D. 15SRPH02 Institutional Space of Prisons Prof. Sheela Prasad
3 Mohammed Shafi. K Ph.D. 15SRPH03 Identity Construction of The Bearys of South Kanara Dr. Salah. P.
4 Murali Ramathoti Ph.D. 15SRPH04 Caste Discrimination in Higher Educational Place: A
Comparative Study of UoH, EFLU and NALSAR University
Prof. Arun Kumar Patnaik
5 Anu Gupta Ph.D. 16SRPH01 Surrogacy and Region Prof. Sheela Prasad
6 Shreyasee Dasgupta Ph.D. 16SRPH02 Urban Studies Dr. Arvind S. Susarla
7 Doddi Namrata Ph.D. 16SRPH03 Urban Studies Prof. Sheela Prasad
8 Vinoj N. M. Ph.D. 17SRPH01 Denominational Conflict: Reflections from the Field Dr. Salah. P.
9 Ashish Prabhakar Ph.D. 17SRPH02 Resistance in Peri-Urban areas in India Dr. Arvind S. Susarla
10 Noushida. P. P Ph.D. 17SRPH04 Food Culture and Migration among the Muslims in Kerala Prof. Sheela Prasad
11 Prashant Kumar M.Phil. 19SRHL01 Water and Society Dr. Arvind S. Susarla
12 Fasalu Rahman. O. P M.Phil. 19SRHL02 Wetlands and Climate Change Prof. Sheela Prasad
13 Adarsh Singh M.Phil. 19SRHL03 Farming Practices of Tribes in Southern UP Dr V. Srinivasa Rao

Alumni Students:

M.Phil. Students

Ph.D. Students