Centre for the Study of Indian Diaspora (CSID)

Three programmes





Prof. Ajaya K. Sahoo


Phone: 040-2313 3041 / 42
E-Mail : csidss@uohyd.ernet.in

About the Centre

The Centre for the Study of Indian Diaspora was established under the Area Studies Program of the U.G.C. in 1996 to carry out interdisciplinary research on overseas Indians who today constitutes more than 30 million spread over hundred countries around the world. The Centre envisages research on the historical context of the Indian Diaspora, civilizational heritage of diasporic communities, continuities and transformation in culture, economy and political life, besides promoting communication and linkages between India and the Indian diaspora.


The Centre through its special program addresses the following issues in the study of Indian diaspora:

  • The process of emigration, settlement and identity formation in host societies.
  • Ethnicity of Indian diasporic communities in relation to the changing power structures, under which ethnic identity is an integrating or divisive force.
  • Transnational networks and linkages between India and the Indian diaspora, and between diasporic communities.
  • Indian diaspora in relation to the on-going struggles for identity at the national and global level, and in relation to increasing ethnic consciousness in India.
  • Comparative studies of creative writings on the Indian diaspora by the Indian writers, diasporic Indian writers and non-Indian writers. Research into the new cultural forms of the Indian diaspora, including popular culture.
  • Micro-level ethnographic studies on the Indian diaspora.
  • Contributions of the Indian diaspora to the scientific, technological, administrative and industrial development in host societies.



PhD (Indian Diaspora)