M Sc (Cognitive Sciences)

Syllabus and Course Structure is here.

Ph.D (Cognitive Sciences)

Basic qualification: There are different streams in which admission is done based on the availability of the faculty with corresponding expertise. This year the entrance will be done to the following streams from among candidates with the qualifying degree specified.

  1. a) Neuroscience (Stream I): ( Prerequisite is MSc in Life Sciences, Biology, Biological Sciences, Physiology, Zoology, Animal Sciences, Neuroscience, Genetics, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Systems Biology, Plant Sciences, Physics, MBBS or BTech in Electronics/Electrical Engineering, MTech in Converging Technologies, Integrated BS-MS in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  2. b) Cognitive Science (Stream B): ( Prerequisite is Masters in Psychology / any branch of linguistics / natural sciences / computer science or BTech in any Engineering discipline.)

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