The people who bring laurels to the centre


Ramesh Mishra  (Head).


Sudipita Saraswati, Genetic analysis of cognition using Drosophila as a model system; relationship between genes, brain and cognitive process; behavioral neuroscience.

Joby Joseph,  Neuroscience. In particular, how information is processed in the neuronal systems leading to perception and behavior: Experimental techniques used are in vivo electrophysiology, immuno-cytochemistry and imaging in simple organisms along with computational approaches



Akash Gautam, Analysis of learning & memory at molecular level using mouse as a model system, study of correlation between synaptic plasticity genes and higher order brain functions, development of therapeutic strategies for recovery of brain disorders like amnesia, AD, PD, etc.


S. Bapiraju (On extraordinary leave to IIIT Hyderabad), One primary area of research is investigation of brain bases of action (motor) representation and understanding and its breakdown in disease. The other area is sequence learning, both implicit and explicit sequences. We use a variety of approaches including, behavioural, neuroimaging experiments and computational models such as bayesian methods, connectionist approaches.

Vipin Srivastava, Brain function modeling using mathematics and condensed matter physics

Vineet P. Nair

Prajit K. Basu, Reasoning, Mental Models, Visual Attention, Embodied Cognition